SESAR SAFIR-Med project reports first cross-border demonstration flight to support medical deliveries

Consortium members of the European SAFIR-Med project have conducted their first cross border remotely controlled flight as part of the SESAR research project that aims to demonstrate ways to achieve safe, sustainable, socially accepted and socially beneficial urban air mobility which will contribute to the EU healthcare system.

The AED drone from Technische Universiteit Delft (MAVLab) was launched in Valkenburg, north of The Hague in The Netherlands, powered by NSX-Normalised Systems technologies, from where it flew 105km to the Helicus Command and Control Centre (C2C) at The Beacon Community in Stad Antwerpen.

This long distance controlled flight forms the next step of an extensive in-field test programme, coupling drones with automated fleet ground control (C2C) enabling economic viable (medical) services by drone.

More flights are due to take place in the coming days according to a LinkedIn post by Helicus.

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