RTCA and Japanese industry development association sign MoU to share best practice

US standards agency RTCA has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) Japan’s Aviation Innovation Development Association (AIDA) to provide a framework for a collaborated partnership and support. This MOU signed by Terry McVenes, President and CEO of RTCA and Shinji Suzuki, Representative Director of AIDA, encourages sharing of best practices and expertise among both organizations to advance aviation safety globally.

The AIDA in Japan started activities in October 2018 with the aim of promoting innovations related to aviation technology, policies and innovation.  The agreement fosters more collaboration between the two organizations in the development and promotion of industry standards.

Terry McVenes, President and CEO of RTCA, said, “We look forward to working more closely with AIDA as we continue to pursue global harmonization of our standards and work in mutual support of the international aviation community.”

RTCA regularly seeks input and collaboration from global organizations on its standards to better support and promote innovation and safety in aviation. This MOU further strengthens RTCA’s international leadership and value to our members, stakeholders, and the global aviation environment through purposeful engagement that prepares government and industry for future technology development and implementation.

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