Raytheon, WEY, AirMap technology supports UAS integration

Raytheon has integrated AirMap’s unmanned aerial systems (UAS) monitoring capabilities onto a working prototype of its air traffic controller workstation called Multi-platform ATC Re-hosting Solution (MARS). MARS combines technology from Raytheon and WEY Technology to provide integrated picture of flight, surveillance, weather and airport data from multiple air traffic applications.

Exhibited for the first time at the ATCA Annual Congress in Washington 21-23 October 2019, the display provides access to multiple automation applications at one workstation, without changing re-hosted applications. AirMap tools, such as real-time remote identification, airspace authorization, and dynamic geofencing provide air traffic controllers access to UAS flight data through automated digital technologies. In the virtual demonstration, the AirMap technology alerts the MARS user of a drone exhibiting unusual or non-conforming flight behaviour within the controlled airspace surrounding a major airport.

(Image: Raytheon)

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