Perspecta Labs demonstrates long-distance ground to air LTE data communications for manned and unmanned systems

The applied research arm of Perspecta successfully demonstrated long-distance, high-bandwidth data streaming between a test aircraft and a fourth generation (4G) long-term evolution (LTE) ground network in early January 2020. The test was conducted at Edwards Air Force Base as part of the US Department of Defense (DOD) Cellular Range Telemetry Network (CeRTN) program in collaboration with the DOD Test Resource Management Center. Perspecta Labs, then Vencore Labs, was awarded the CeRTN contract in October 2016. Under the programme, Perspecta Labs was tasked with developing a system that leverages commercial cellular technology for aeronautical mobile telemetry (AMT) applications at DOD Major Range and Test Facility Bases.

The Velocite solution developed by Perspecta Labs enables use of low-cost commercial off-the-shelf LTE cellular technology to deliver high-bandwidth data communications at supersonic aircraft speeds. Velocite is vendor agnostic, operates without the need for per-flight frequency coordination and provides bi-directional high-speed data connectivity to aircraft. Velocite combines an intelligent LTE network design with groundbreaking innovations to reliably deliver high-bandwidth data communications for aircraft at speeds of 1,000 kph and above.

Velocite’s proprietary transceiver applique provides state-of-the-art Doppler compensation and integrates with standard LTE user equipment to maintain a robust data link. Perspecta Labs is developing, hardening and transitioning Velocite to support a range of use cases for AMT in performance evaluation, testing, training and operations for manned and unmanned aircraft.

(Image: Perspecta)

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