Naviair launches 4G/5G UTM Flight Tracker smartphone app for operational trials

Naviair has announced the launch of its UTM Flight Tracker app as the next stage of integrated drones with crewed flights. According to a social media post:

“Naviair UTM’s new Flight Tracker app allows manned aviation such as parachutists, hang/paragliders and hot air balloons – which traditionally do not have a transponder on board to indicate their location in the airspace – to track their flight via the 4G/5G connection on their smartphone.

“The upcoming EU legislation in the area of drones regarding: U-space prescribes that manned aviation in the future can potentially use the mobile network to make itself known when flying in the same airspace as drones (so-called U-space). It is a significantly cheaper method than the existing technologies such as FLARM. But it is new and not yet operationally approved in aviation. Therefore, Naviair UTM wants to test how the mobile network can be used to track manned airspace users who move in the same airspace as drones… All data is sent in anonymized form directly to Naviair UTM solely for testing and analysis purposes for our further work.

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