Mohajer-10 – Iran exhibits new combat UAS with extended range and payload

By Tim Mahon

A new UAS, dubbed Mohajer-10 and with a claimed operational range of 2,000 km, was unveiled on 23 August at the Tehran Defence Industry Fair, according to a release from the Tasnim News Agency, a semi-official organisation associated with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Believed to be an upgraded variant of the Mohajer-6, the drone’s 300 kg payload is double that of its predecessor. The release also suggests a maximum speed of 210 km/h, endurance of 24 hours and the ability to carry a range of guided weapons and EW systems.

The revealing of the system’s capabilities comes just a week after Iran exhibited a wide range of UAS systems and capabilities at the Army 2023 event in Moscow. Russia can safely be assumed to be one of the principal export customers at which the Mohajer-10 is aimed.

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تشریح دلایل ساخت پهپاد مهاجر10 در گفتگو با طراح پروژه/ مهاجرهای 7 و 9 در دست تولید هستند- اخبار نظامی | دفاعی | امنیتی – اخبار سیاسی تسنیم | Tasnim ( (English content derived via Google Translate)

(Image: The Mohajer-10 was unveiled in Tehran on 23 August – Tasnim News Agency/Erfan Kouchari)

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