Madrid city to form a drone and UAM regulation commission

The TeleMadrid news website reports Madrid city council has established a commission to study the future regulation of drone traffic, highlighted by Bluenest by Globalvia in a Linkedin post (

“The new Urban Area Mobility Commission will be a collegiate advisory body to the City Council whose objective is to establish a study framework to normatively regulate air mobility in the city,” said the report.

“The delegate of Urban Planning, Environment and Mobility, Borja Carabante , highlighted that “this pioneering commission in Spain will allow Madrid to be the first city to issue an ordinance that regulates urban air mobility .” With this, the capital “gets ahead of the future” and will establish a regulatory framework that “will facilitate the work of all those companies that already work in this field or that have developed pilot projects.” “Urban air mobility is not a question of the future, it is something that is already here,” said Carabante.

“With the creation of this commission under the Municipal Sustainable Mobility Ordinance (OMS), the City Council seeks to make Madrid the first Spanish city to have a framework that regulates its air mobility.

“To this end, among the functions of this body, the study of the conditions under which urban air mobility of remotely piloted aircraft (drones) must be governed within the framework of the community, state and, where appropriate, regional regulations that be promulgated on the operations of these systems and their integration into the developed mobility models.

“The commission, within the functions established by the creation decree of September 20, 2023, will collaborate with the competent administrations for the development and implementation of the ‘U-space’ (system developed by the European Union for the management of aircraft traffic unmanned) and the development of this type of mobility in the city of Madrid for its integration in a safe and environmentally sustainable way.

“It will also work with agents from the aerospace, transportation and innovation sectors to achieve its objectives, as well as with the General Directorate of the Municipal Police on the necessary measures to control activities related to the use of remotely piloted aircraft.

“The commission is made up of the Presidency of Borja Carabante; the Vice Presidency of María José Aparicio, Mobility Coordinator; the members represented by the general directorates responsible for mobility planning and traffic regulation of the Madrid City Council; Municipal police; Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda; Ministry of Interior; Ministry of Defence; State Aviation Safety Agency, and Community of Madrid.

“This body will meet in ordinary session with a minimum periodicity of six months and in extraordinary sessions as many times as the Presidency requires. Permanent working groups will be created, as is the case with other municipal commissions, to carry out analysis, study and preparation of specific proposals.

“These works will address issues such as security, regulations, infrastructure to define safe corridors and parking spaces or the need for citizens to know what regulation entails in this area.”

For more information–20240131032004.amp.html

(Image: Drone shot of Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, which has been the home stadium of Real Madrid since its completion in 1947. Picture: Shutterstock)

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