Latvia’s LMT developing UTM system based on 5G mobile network

Latvia’s LMT Innovations – a branch of a mobile telephone operator in Latvia – reports is it is working on developing a new UTM system baged on 5G communications to allow for beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) operations.

According to a new posting the company’s website: “We believe that the most safe and successful real-time communication can be done through the mobile network, particularly in the 5G network, that’s specifically created for UAV-to-UAV (U2U) and UAV-to-Infrastructure (U2I) communication. It follows that mobile operators can play a major role in the development of UTM platforms. LMT is currently working together with the public and private sector to lay the foundations for such an ecosystem.


Some of the planned functionality of the platform includes:

  • safe LLA (low level altitude) communication network for UAS
  • population density information
  • UAS tracking
  • a detect and avoid system
  • real-time communication throughout all the flight (BVLOS)

“For drone integration into airspace to happen smoothly and safely, all UASs used for both commercial and recreational purposes will have to use the UTM platform to provide information on their flight plan and ongoing fights. Telecommunication operators are in a unique position to inject data available to them, thereby adding an additional layer of both data and coverage to provide heightened security. In developing this project we’ve come to the understanding that there are many stakeholders that are interested and involved in creating an excellent UTM infrastructure. That’s why we are currently open to collaboration with partners interested in developing new ideas, experimenting, iterating, and working together to implement the vision of a mobile network-enabled UTM solution.”

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