Kongsberg Geospatial adds Dronetag Network Remote ID to IRIS Terminal

Kongsberg Geospatial has joined forces with Dronetag to enable operators to visualise their aircraft, including cooperative unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and surface assets, on Kongsberg Geospatial’s IRIS Terminal’s common operating picture.

IRIS Terminal has been developed from a defence-oriented system to an enterprise system for visualisation of airspace traffic in both BVLOS UAS and counter-UAS use cases. 

The new venture means operators will be able to tag their aircraft using Dronetag Minis, and instantly see their position, altitude and speed on IRIS Terminal screens, regardless of the UAS model or manufacturer. This integration also supports Network Remote ID as well as Broadcast Remote ID for large area airspace visualisation, which goes beyond Broadcast Remote ID and leverages public LTE networks.

Operators can view all of their (collaborative) Dronetag Mini enabled drones, as well as targets from any other additional sensors such as ADSB or RADAR, for complete manned and unmanned airspace visualisation, and identification of non-collaborative aircraft in their operational flight volume of responsibility.

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Image: Dronetag Mini

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