EMC Operations Group develops gel-adhesive C-UAS effectors

EMC Operations Group has developed a new generation of tactical counter-unmanned aerial system (C-UAS) effectors using gel-adhesive obstructive munition. 

The Electromagnetic Stable Interceptor is 80mm caliber, has a maximum speed of ~200m/s, ~3km energetic range, and weighs 5kg. The company said in a LinkedIn post that it will be available in 4 and 9 round electric launchers, and is designed for integration with existing tactical deployment platforms. 

The Electromagnetic Stable Interceptor will employ active flow control for agile manoeuvres and low drag energetic guidance to enable the Baryonyx (STW-50 variant) interception.

Once the Baryonyx warhead is activated, the munition body detaches, allowing it to descend without representing a danger to personnel and equipment at ground level. The STW-50 agent is designed to envelop the UAS, covering it in a rapidly expanding and hardening closed cell gel-adhesive agent that disables UAS operation. Once the effector has enveloped the target, it falls under high drag where it can be recovered from either ground or water and scoured for useful intelligence.

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