Japan tests logistics drone flights ahead of regular operations planned for later this year

Drone operator ALI Technologies partnered with logistics service provider SBS Holdings to carry out a public demonstration of logistic drones at SBS Logicom in Yokohama city. The partners plan to start full-scale operations later this year aimed at providing last mile services at low cost to the logistics industry.

The partners completed five round trips of 100 m in the busy radio environment and breezy conditions to prove that autonomous flights can be performed safely in complex environments. Previous demonstrations have been conducted in mountains and forests where radio interference is minimal.

According to the ALI press release, ALI’s standard ‘Number-One’ drone was equipped with a 2 kg dummy package and supported by the ALI COSMOS UAV control system and traffic management platform. This supports the planning, monitoring, and management of the aircraft, the certainty of operation, and the safety of the surrounding area and the operator.

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