ICARUS project invites drone operators to participate in survey to identify users’ needs

The ICARUS project is defining a common altitude reference system for very low-level airspace users. Drone operators are invited to participate in a survey to identify potential users’ needs and help to define the ICARUS concept.

The EU-funded Integrated Common Altitude Reference system for Uspace (ICARUS) project proposes a GNSS based altimetry solution as a Common Altitude Reference system for drones at very low-level airspace. The concept will be validated in a real operational environment, and a final Concept of Operations (CONOPS) will be generated in the second part of the project.

The survey will lay the groundwork of a more integrated, safe and cost-effective CAR system, according to the experience of users.

Link to the survey: https://www.u-spaceicarus.eu/survey/

For more information visit:


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