Germany’s SkyTRACKPlus project undertakes trial drone flights at Paderborn airport

A live demonstration in Paderborn, Germany, showed how the combination of drone control center, automated drone system, live air situation and live streaming can help emergency services to use drones more efficiently, faster, more resource-efficiently and more time-efficiently in the future, according to project partner Droniq.

The demonstration was undertaken by Eviden and Innovations Flughafen PAD to show long-distance drone operations and delivery of “Drones-as-a-Service” for authorities and organisations with security tasks.

Multiple partners launched the SkyTRACKPlus project in April 2023, involving 16 aviation-related organisations. The project aims to develop plannable, weather-robust mixed flight operation of manned and unmanned aviation. For this purpose, the two NRW innovation airports of Mönchengladbach and Paderborn are being linked for the first time with a stopover in rural areas. Droniq is supporting the project with its UTM traffic management system for drones and associated technology which is designed to enable a combined live air situation picture from manned and unmanned aerial vehicles.

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