Fortem Technologies, Mikuni Corporation partnership to provide counter UAS solutions in Japan

Fortem Technologies has partnered with Mikuni Corporation to provide enhanced security for civilian events as well as for critical infrastructure across Asia. Mikuni is working with Fortem Technologies to help with the seamless operation of exporting numerous security and defense solutions to customers in Japan.

According to a Fortem press release, the company’s SkyDome counter Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) solution detects and classifies threats and can then mitigate them autonomously with its interceptor drone, the DroneHunter. Fortem SkyDome uses TrueView radar, an AI-enabled networkable radar designed to perform in urban environments as well as the complex terrain throughout Japan.

“We live in a world where basic hobby drones can be easily manipulated to deliver harmful payloads,” said CEO of Fortem Technologies, Timothy Bean. “In Mikuni, Fortem has a partner that will continue to ship the SkyDome System and DroneHunter, specifically designed for the vast urban areas of Japan and other parts of Asia that cause other solutions to fail due to the complexity of the terrain or highly congested environments. We look forward to working together to provide the most advanced airspace security in the world.”

(Image: TrueView radar, Fortem Technologies)

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