Echodyne expands range of beam-steering drone detection radar

Radar platform company Echodyne has released two new products to broaden its drone detection product line.

According to the Echodyne press release: EchoGuard CR provides high performance, active beam-steering, 3D radar capability in urban and dense environments or locations with reduced range requirements; and RadarHub simplifies multi-radar deployment and management. The products extend Echodyne’s ability to bring high performance beam steering radar capabilities to commercial markets.

EchoGuard CR

EchoGuard CR radar uses MESA radar technology for close range security within commercial budgets. The solution delivers 3D perimeter surveillance for critical infrastructure with reduced energy output for greater accuracy in cluttered and busy semi-/urban environments.

EchoGuard CR’s ultra-low size, weight, and power (SWaP) is designed for guarding ground and airspace perimeters of critical infrastructure and high-risk facilities in semi-/urban locations, and identifies motionless or in-motion drones that may be spying from distance. An intuitive user interface allows configuration of the radar to site and mission requirements and offers options for integration into security platforms or as a stand-alone system. The lightweight solid-state hardware design simplifies mounting for fixed site deployments and offers rapid setup for portable or temporary needs.


RadarHub is a pre-engineered control cabinet solution that simplifies deployment, networking, and operations of multi-radar installations. The solution connects up to five radars and manages all key performance parameters, including power and network, through a single interface.

RadarHub is compatible with the growing EchoGuard family of radars, and can be integrated with security system infrastructure or used to deploy standalone hemispherical surveillance for temporary missions. Radar Hub provides support for a variety of sensor fusion configurations such as radar + camera + additional sensors, eg RF or ADS-B, and has a UL-508A compliant design and construction.

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