ENAIRE and Airbus join forces to develop U-space services in Spain

Spanish air navigation service provider ENAIRE has signed a general protocol of action with Airbus for the promotion of aerospace research, development and innovation in Spain. Among focus areas, Spain’s Ministry of Transport is promoting synergies and the exchange of knowledge resulting from this public-private collaboration agreement in the deployment of urban air mobility in U-Space environments. According to an ENAIRE press release, the agreement anticipates the development of U-space and the creation of new services and applications in the civil sphere as part of the government’s strategy for safe, sustainable and connected mobility. The automated and digitized management of drone operations within U-space will be essential to enable operations in an orderly manner and offer a safe and decarbonized urban mobility alternative, strengthening the resilience of the economy.

ENAIRE is embracing the challenge of managing automated operations that require new technologies, infrastructures and concepts. The development will be a challenge in terms of guaranteeing simultaneous operations in densely populated environments, in coexistence with drones, but also with manned aviation, which will require advanced and ecological aircraft, and robust and efficient air traffic management systems and U-space environment.

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