European DroneWISE project presents findings and operational information to counter drone threats

The European-funded DroneWise project to protect public spaces from terrorist attack by drone presented latest findings at a Counter-UAS workshop in early March. The event follows publication of a seven-page public document in January 2021 entitled DroneWise: First Responder Operational Briefing based on DroneWISE research. The report includes pertinent operational information and provides evidence of the threats and risks to first-responder agencies in their response to terrorist attacks on public places using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).

DroneWise aims to disseminate information of direct relevance to all first-responder agencies arising from the first phase of project DroneWISE including analysis of rogue drone incidents, drone and drone detection technologies, and the terrorist UAV threat to public spaces.

The DroneWISE project is being progressed by a multi-disciplinary consortium of partners bringing forward a broad European perspective and representing law enforcement agencies, public authorities, private industry, research institutes and non-governmental organisations. The DroneWISE consortium is a unique collaboration, committed to tackling the terrorist use of UAVs which present a clear and present danger to the safety and security of public spaces across Europe.

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