Astra UTM “successfully tests Astra XLINK command and control over 5G”

Astra UTM has successfully demonstrated a new solution called Astra XLINK which enables drone operators to control the flight over the 5G cellular network. XLINK provides real-time remote control of the flight and real-time video streaming by utilizing the ultra-low latency data transmission made possible by the 5G network.

The system was tested and launched in Dubai, where 5G cell coverage is being rapidly deployed by telecom providers – in this case using the 5G network access from UAE based telco Du.

According to the company:

“Astra XLINK provides the base capabilities to truly unlock the full potential of drone-as-a-service use cases for various industry verticals, such as surveillance, inspection and more importantly drone deliveries. XLINK comes pre-integrated with Astra UTM and can also integrate with other USS solutions via simplified APIs enabling the full workflows for enterprise level applications.  XLINK will also provide gateway service modules for integrating Order/Delivery Management systems – such as ingesting relevant information for creating and validating flight plans for delivery services using drones.

XLINK will also make available its SDK to interested developers for further development of unique use-cases and applications starting Q2 2021.

For more information

An introduction to ASTRA XLINK can be seen here:

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