Aloft secures patent for Dynamic Airspace platform, adds programme interfaces to expand services

Aloft (formerly Kittyhawk) has been awarded a patent for its Dynamic Airspace platform, expanding the company’s existing portfolio of IP for technology designed to support Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) systems. The company also holds XiD technology patents for Remote Identification of drones and additional parts of Dynamic Airspace.

Aloft’s Dynamic Airspace platform powers the Aloft UTM platform as well as the FAA’s B4UFLY application. Since Aloft’s revamp of the B4UFLY platform on web, iOS and Android, the Dynamic Airspace platform powering it has served well over 10 million airspace checks, making it the highest volume airspace solution in the market, says Aloft.

In addition to the FAA’s B4UFLY application, Aloft’s Dynamic Airspace platform also supports the company’s Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC) product that powers over half of all FAA LAANC requests. Aloft’s mobile applications for Android, iOS and the web provide a unified interface for large enterprise users and recreational hobbyists to gain access to airspace while maintaining near-real time situational awareness.

Working with a select group of beta customers, Aloft has begun offering API data services on top of their airspace platform. This includes the ability to query locations and flight plans against existing authorizations and custom airspace in their account, as well as the full set of National Airspace including Class, altitude limits, and current TFR’s. It also allows local stakeholders like the City of San Francisco to put all of their parks data and local drone ordinances into B4UFLY.

“We’re proud to see our solution being deployed against such a wide range of use-cases. Our philosophy has always been to ship solutions customers use rather than create demonstrations or exhibitions. The IP we’ve created from Remote ID to Dynamic Airspace to UTM forms the building blocks of an ecosystem where drone operations can scale without compromising safety or compliance,” says Aloft CTO Joshua Ziering.

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