Airways International and Tāwhaki collaborate to fast-track UAS operations in New Zealand

Airways International and Tāwhaki Joint Venture are working together to help drive the New Zealand aerospace sector forward in a collaboration agreement announced today (June 11).

The agreement identifies key target areas to fast-track testing of uncrewed aircraft that can benefit operators, policy makers and regulators in New Zealand and around the world.

Tāwhaki will shortly be deploying the latest iteration of Airways International’s uncrewed traffic management (UTM) system, AirShare, at the Tāwhaki National Aerospace Centre at Kaitorete. The system will provide operators with a picture of airspace activity at the multi-use site and support future projects.

Airways International and Tāwhaki are also looking to set up initiatives with sector-wide benefits, such as flight corridors, that can explore future concepts of operations in the airspace and support new types of aircraft. The data and learnings from these projects are intended to directly assist policy makers, regulators and standards development organisations to prepare for these operations as the use of new and uncrewed aircraft increases.

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