AirMarket and partners “evaluate ASTM standards for remote ID of pipeline inspection drones”

Canadian UTM company AirMarket reports that, along with Canadian regulators, it is evaluating technology, the ASTM standard and operational concepts for Remote Identification (Remote ID) of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS).

“AirMarket, with our technology partners, TELUS and ASTRA, are focused on empowering Network Remote ID capabilities. This activity is being conducted as part of the Energy Unmanned Traffic Management Trials (EUT) that are currently being conducted by AirMarket in Alberta, Canada. The trials, that are being conducted over operating pipeline infrastructure, are evaluating Network Remote ID integrated with

UTM services, and built upon TELUS Mobility Services.”

“We are moving closer to making Remote ID work in the real-world” said Lindsay Mohr, CEO of AirMarket. “This work is helping to inform our regulatory agencies and co-define how industry can work in partnership to accelerate UTM service deployment in Canada.”

According to a company press release, the scope of the Remote ID Proof of Concept being conducted by AirMarket and NAV Canada (with Transport Canada providing oversight and technical input) is to demonstrate the architecture, infrastructure, security and data flows of the ASTM Remote ID standard. It is also to help understand the applicability of the ASTM Remote ID Standard to the Canadian RPAS Context.

The objectives of this evaluation are:

  • Get “opinionated” about the ASTM Remote ID standard and how it works from a technical perspective (completed);
  • Establish a “working showcase” for Network Remote ID within the Energy UTM Trials scope (underway); and
  • Conduct performance benchmarking for Remote ID.

AirMarket has developed the SKYLINK UTM architecture and has specific expertise in the telecommunications and natural resource sectors, according to the company. Its strategic partners in the EUT are TELUS Corp., ASTRA UTM and the Petroleum Association of Canada. “The AirMarket-led team was selected and endorsed through a competitive process to conduct the EUT by the Candian RPAS Traffic Management Action Team (RTMAT) led by Transport Canada and NAV Canada,” says the press release.

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