The Global database of ATM, UTM and C-UAS contacts

If you need to contact business or operational managers in every sector of the industry – or you need to develop a market plan with key decision-makers as your core customers – then our comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date Global database of ATM, UTM and C-UAS contacts will give you an immediate access to a database of key industry contacts.

The database, in excel spreadsheet format, lists over 5,000 key individuals with full contact details. The listing is comprehensive and updated daily. The groups covered are:

Air traffic management
1. Air navigation service providers – national
2. Air navigation service providers – inter-governmental
3. Air navigation service providers – commercial
4. ATM industry
5. ATM research agencies
6. ATM staff associations and unions
7. ATM trade associations
8. ATM training associations

Air traffic management and UAS traffic management
9.  Civil aviation authorities
10. Government transport departments
11. Regulators – international
12. Standards and certification agencies
13. ATM/UTM consultants

UAS traffic management
14. UTM system suppliers
15. Commercial UAS operators – regulatory stakeholders

Counter UAS
16. C-UAS system suppliers
17. C-UAS procurement agencies

The list is available in an excel spreadsheet format and can be purchased for £390.00 (plus VAT where applicable) for a single one-shot delivery or can be purchased via an annual subscription, with monthly updates, for £950.00.

To order or to find out more about this service – please send an email with your information request and contact details to:

Available 1 November, 2017

Sample page from the global database of ATM, UTM and C-UAS contacts