EuroUSC Italia launches SAMWISE Pro to speed up and simplify SORA safety risk analysis

Italian drone services company EuroUSC has launched a web-based risk analysis tool that follows the Specific Operations Risk Assessment (SORA) methodology for drone operators planning activities in the Specific category. SAMWISE Pro is available online with a one-month free trial.

According to the EuroUSC  press release, SAMWISE Pro is a simple and fast online tool that guides the operator through all assessment steps of the risk analysis. The main functionalities of SAMWISE PRO are two: the first concerns the possibility of uploading the means of compliance to the applicable safety objectives; the second, the more important, concerns the possibility of downloading a final report of the analysis performed.

To use SAMWISE you need to register at, then access the personal area where you can enter the data of your drone operation and start the risk assessment. In a short time, SAMWISE will be able to provide you with a list of safety objectives to implement. Then, just with a click you can upload the documentation certifying the compliance of your operation with these objectives and finally obtain the complete report of the analysis, including the referenced documents. This report, in editable Word format, following the necessary checks, can be delivered to the competent Civil Aviation Authority in order to obtain the authorization to fly, as required by the new EASA Regulation.

The system implemented by EuroUSC Italia for the risk analysis is based on the SORA methodology developed by JARUS and recommended by EASA as a means of compliance for the new Regulation 947/2019, enforced since 1st January 2021. From this moment on, indeed, all the operators desiring to conduct drone operations in the Specific category will have to preliminarily conduct a risk analysis based on the SORA methodology, unless their operation falls within a standard scenario or a Pre-Defined-Risk-Assessment. EuroUSC Italia, after actively participating in the SORA methodology development within the JARUS workgroup, is engaged since 2015 in European research and development projects and BVLOS experimentation activities under the supervision of ENAC (Ente Nazionale per l’Aviazione Civile).

EuroUSC also offers training for the drone industry, including two-day courses on SORA methodology.

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