European safety agency updates information relating to ‘Specific’ UAS operations

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has updated its website to provide more information on the specific category of drone operations in EU. It includes now a page describing the:
– operational authorisation process;
– available EU standard scenarios (STS)
– predefined risk assessments (PDRAs)
– light UAS operator certificate (LUC)
– design verification report (DVR) including the list of the reports issued by EASA and
– the process to operate in a state different from the state of registration.

It is now also possible to download the application and declaration forms, the PDRA tables.

Requirements to operate in the Specific category:

The ‘specific’ category caters for riskier operations not covered under the ‘open’ category.

To fly in the specific category, as a drone operator and before starting the flight/s, an operational authorisation from the National Aviation Authority (NAA) of the state of registration is needed. Even if the intention is to conduct the operation in a state other than the one of registration, the authorisation is issued by the NAA of the state of registration. Please see this link on how to conduct operation in a state different from the one of registration.

The authorization is required unless the operation is conducted in accordance with an European Standard Scenario (STS) (applicable from 1st January 2024) or if you have been granted by the NAA a Light UAS operator certificate (LUC) with privileges.

To recap, there are four different ways to operate in the specific category:

  • Submit a declaration based on a Standard scenario (STS);
  • Obtain an operational authorisation following a PDRA;
  • Obtain an operational authorisation without a PDRA;
  • Have a LUC.

EASA remains committed to supporting the drone sector. The website will be kept updated.

Details available here

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