AUVSI Xponential: FAA Administrator commits to smart and fair regulation to ensure public trust for safe drone integration

In a keynote presentation at the opening session of AUVSI Xponential 2021, Federal Aviation Administration Administrator Steve Dickson underlined the agency’s efforts to develop rules for beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) drone operations. “We’ve now built a solid foundation for what I think are some amazing things to come. We’re working on rules for BVLOS and that’s really the holy grail of scalable drone operations.”

Steve Dickson acknowledged the existing BVLOS rules “are not up to the task” and “approving operations on a case-by-case basis is not a feasible or efficient way forward”.  He said work on BVLOS rules began over the summer with the creation of an FAA Advisory and Rulemaking Committee, or ARC. The ARC process is due to conclude with recommendations later this year.

“Government and the UAS community are coming together to provide solutions that enable this fast-moving sector to continue to deliver groundbreaking solutions, tremendous value to society, tremendous value for the public, and doing it in a safe way. Policy provides the paths to get there. And trusted integration makes everyone a part of the solution.”

(Image: FAA Administrator Steve Dickson, AUVSI)

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