“USMC progresses integration of Iron Dome into medium-range air defence system”

Israel’s RAFAEL reports that the US Marine Corps (USMC) has progressed the integration of RAFAEL’s Iron Dome ground launcher and Tamir interceptor missile into Marine Corps’ Medium-Range Intercept Capability (MRIC) Prototype with the USMC G/ATOR Radar and CAC2S Battle Management System.

According to a press release, a live fire test at the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico proved: USMC has Iron Dome defence capabilities; Iron Dome was successfully integrated into USMC Architecture; and the system performed exactly as was predicted by a USMC simulation prior to the test itself.

“This demonstration proves that we do now have a relevant capability,” said Don Kelley, program manager for GBAD at PEO Land Systems, immediately following the test.

Brigadier General (Res.) Pinhas Yungman, Executive Vice President and Head of RAFAEL’s Air Defense Systems Directorate: “The Marines live-fire test demonstrated a successful combination of an Iron Dome ground launcher, Tamir interceptor with the Marines’ radar system and battle management system.”

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