Spanish Air & Space Force selects D-Fend Solutions’ EnforceAir 2 counter-UAS system

D-Fend Solutions’ EnforceAir 2 counter-UAS system has been selected by the Spanish Air & Space Force to provide broad security against drone incursions, particularly for large public events and governmental activities, according to Spanish media reports.

Spanish security specialist Target Tecnologia will act as contractor, supplying the new and improved version of EnforceAir, which features improved abilities to detect drones in challenging environments, to disconnect them from their remote operators and to land them safely without collateral damage, whether in active or passive mode. The principal difference in EnforceAir 2, however, is its portability: the system can now be carried in a backpack.

“In a world where UAS threats are increasingly multiplying and becoming more sophisticated, it is necessary to advance at the same pace in defence and security solutions that allow us to confront these threats,” said Target Tecnologia Deputy Director, Luis Rolandi. “In this sense, EnforceAir2 has emerged as the most sophisticated anti-drone system on the market, capable of detecting, mitigating, and controlling the threat of hostile drones without inhibiting other ‘benign’ UAS with which they share airspace. In addition, its flexibility, portability, and power make it the perfect companion, especially for tactical operations where stealth and speed become a distinguishing factor for the success of the operation”.

EnforceAir is specifically optimised to provide airports, for example, with 360° coverage and a surgical counter-drone approach, detecting and mitigating threats while allowing legitimate drones nearby to continue their activity unimpeded. “This decision aligns perfectly with our objective of leadership in providing the most advanced technology to overcome unmanned drone threats in the most sensitive environments and airspace, particularly airports, in a controlled manner that enables safe and uninterrupted operations.,” said Zohar Halachmi, D-Fend Solutions’ President & CEO.

For more information: Diario-Abierto_Target-gana-la-adjudicacion-del-sistema-antidrones-del-Ejercito_EN-Final.pdf (

Image: Portability lies at the heart of the latest generation variant of EnforceAir. Credit: D-Fend Solutions.)

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