Spain’s TRC launches updated Cervus III C-UAS, plans army field tests

Spain’s TRC has announced the launched of its updated Cervus III civil and military counter-UAS system.

“After a year of development, last week TRC made available to the Army, through the Electronic Warfare Regiment No. 31 (Rew31) , the new version of the CERVUS III anti-drone system , for field tests,” said a company press release.

“On this occasion, it is not a simple evolution of the platform, but a total renovation. A new Cervus. First of all, because it includes a command and control system that integrates with all the sensors under a single graphical interface (GUI) that allows the management of all the system’s functionalities.

“Secondly, it should be noted that the new platform integrates radio frequency capture devices designed and developed by TRC to broaden the radio spectrum analysed, and a high performance electro-optical device developed by E&M. In this way, by using the artificial vision algorithms developed by TRC, integrated with the E&M sensor, it is possible to autonomously identify the presence of drones and geo-position them based on the artificial intelligence models and algorithms included in the new platform and trained together with the REW31.

“Additionally, the platform allows the integration of radars to extend the reach of the system and improve the precision in the positioning of threats.

In this new version of the platform, fully developed by TRC and thanks to the collaboration of E&M and REW31, the system has been able to automatically detect and identify possible threats without the need for the operator to have knowledge of radio frequency , which that simplifies the management of the system and facilitates the massive deployment of the solution.”

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