Skylock unveils Sky-Inteceptor count drone device at Abu Dhabi defence show

Israeli counter drone company Skylock has launched a new drone disabling device at UMEX SIMTEX exhibition in Abu Dhabi.

Sky-Inteceptor is based on five patent pending technologies that enable detection, tracking and kinetic mitigation of small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) using a high persistence countermeasure cloud, according to the manufacturer. Sky-Interceptor is designed to improve the ability to defeat small, incoming UAV threats, under all conditions, by disabling their propulsion system.
Skylock says the system is safe to operate in urban environments, enables greater range and has no collateral damage. It is effective against evasive manoeuvres and swarms, provides simplified logistics, and is lower cost than conventional kinetic or electronic warfare approaches.

According to Defense Update, the countermeasure weighs 880 grams and measures 895 mm in length. Two versions are offered, a basic version with 40mm diameter and a range of 1,100 m’ and an extended range rocket with a small booster with a 50 mm diameter, extending to 3 km. The countermeasure can be launched from the ground or the air, by helicopters or other drones, and uses a small solid rocket to reach its target.

(Image: Sky Interceptor is 880 mm long and 40mm in diameter. It packs a warhead containing a mesh of thin runner stripes triggered by an area denial fuze. Skylock)

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