Norway issues request for information for supply of detection and counter drone equipment

Norwegian air navigation service provider Avinor has issued a Request for Information (RFI) for drone detection and counter unmanned aerial system (C-UAS) for airports. The procurement is covered by the Government Procurement Agreement.

According to the tender document:

“Avinor AS (Avinor) invites interested parties to a market dialogue in advance of a potential tender competition regarding drone detection systems/C-UAS. The purpose of this RFI is to:

  1. Inform the market of Avinor’s ambitions, needs and requirement regarding the potential purchase of a drone detection system.
  2. Gather relevant information to use in the upcoming tender.
  3. Ensure the scope and quality of the upcoming tender.
  4. Gain further understanding of the market, product developments, current technology, solutions, and system providers.
  5. Gain knowledge of how a drone detection system can be implemented and operated in an airport operational environment.

“The purpose is to explore and learn from the market of suppliers of drone detection systems. The intended scope of the potential tender will be a drone detection system for Oslo Airport (OSL/ENGM) with purchase options for several additional airports operated by Avinor. A solution for a drone detection system must therefore be scalable to suit the needs of both Oslo Airport and additional airports of different sizes.

“There are an estimated 400,000 drones currently operating in Norway. The rising number of drones increases the probability for conflicts between manned and unmanned aviation, both intentionally and unintentionally.

“The Norwegian national regulations state that it is forbidden to fly a drone closer than 5 km of an airport without permission from Air Traffic Services. There have been several reports of drones flying closer to an airport than 5km, which has led to multiple closures of Avinor airports for various time periods. Avinor is looking for solutions that can cover as much as possible of the prohibition zone around the airport, with the departure and arrival sector as the most important areas.

“The main goal for Avinor with a drone detection system is to maintain the high safety level for manned aviation and to reduce the operational consequences when unauthorized drone(s) is observed. Avinor is interested in a system that is reliable, accurate, easy to use for the operator and cost efficient.

Avinor would like to highlight the following topics as vital in this RFI document:

  1. What kind of drones the different systems are able to detect.
  2. How detection systems can be handled from the operator side
  3. Different financial models the suppliers can offer.
  4. Learn more about how the suppliers is looking into integrating C-UAS with UTM systems, U-Space and tracking of authorized drones.”

Reference number: 22/02085

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(Image: Avinor)

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