“Naval version of Rafael’s air defence and C-UAS Iron Dome system completes successful trials”

The Israel Missile Defense Organization (IMDO), under the Israeli Ministry of Defense’s DDR&D, along with the Israeli Navy and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems have successfully completed a series of multi-system and multi-tier tests using the naval version of the Iron Dome system, known as “C-Dome,” according to Israel’s defence ministry.

“The C-Dome, installed on the Israeli Navy’s Saar 6 “Magen” corvettes, successfully intercepted advanced targets which represent threats to the State of Israel’s infrastructure and strategic assets in its exclusive economic zone,” said a press statement. “Israeli Navy combat personnel operated the systems used in the test as part of the operationalization process of the “Magen” corvettes.

“The series of tests included simulated existing and future threats that the “Magen” ships may face during conflict, such as rockets, cruise missiles, and UAVs. The tests integrated shipboard systems with Israel’s multi-tier defense array and tested new technologies to enhance the air and missile defense multi tier array’s operational effectiveness at sea and on land. The success of the tests is another significant milestone in the array’s development to counter existing and future threats in various combat arenas.

“The C-Dome system contributes to the “Magen” corvettes’ defensive capabilities and improves existing capabilities to protect the State of Israel’s assets and economic interests within the exclusive economic zone and ensures naval superiority.

The C-Dome system aboard Sa’ar 6 “Magen” corvettes is based on the Iron Dome system and constitutes an additional layer of the State of Israel’s multi-tier air and missile defence array, says the ministry. The array is based on four operational defense tiers: Iron Dome, David’s Sling, Arrow 2, and Arrow 3. Development of these systems is led by DDR&D’s Israel Missile Defense Organization. Rafael Advanced Defense Systems is the prime contractor and developer of the Iron Dome and works in partnership with subcontractors such as Israel Aerospace Industries’ Elta Systems, which supplies the multi-mission radar, and mPrest, responsible for the command-and-control systems.

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