NATO C-UAS trials feature technology supplied by 42 Solutions, Robin Radar and Rinicom

NATO Communications and Information Agency is hosting a live trial session of anti-drone technology at the Joint Nucleus Counter-UAS Test Center of the Ground Based Air Defence Command in the Netherlands from September 28th until October 2nd 2020.

Dutch software provider 42 Solutions will deploy its recently released UAV threat mitigation solution called Sparrow and will interface with multiple sensor platforms gathered for the event. Sparrow is a modular multi-sensor and fully integrated system that helps organizations threatened by rogue drone operations to respond instantly thanks to an accurate air picture. Sparrow assesses threats by incorporating UTM and ATC data and shares the situational awareness with all involved stakeholders, including ATC and security forces. Swift alerting capabilities facilitate agile and collaborative decision-making.

Sparrow uses information from multiple sources to detect UAV traffic. The system can be configured with a variety of sensor technologies and classification methods (electro- optical, radio-frequency, doppler signatures) to ensure maximized detection quality. The system has already been successfully integrated with Robin Radar’s Elvira and Rinicom’s SkyPatriot. Rinicom is 42 Solutions’ technology partner in the EUROSTARS funded Counter-UAV Protection System for Airports (CUPS) and provides Sparrow with high-performance electro-optical coverage associated with comprehensive AI-based video analytics for autonomous target identification and classification. The open architecture can also integrate additional sensors depending on the mission profile and customer requirements. Traffic is displayed on a customizable air situation display which uses ATC data, sensor target reports and UTM data. UAV traffic that is violating regulations and/or compromising safety will trigger an alert on a Command & Control (C2) position. Information can be disseminated to all parties involved on a mobile app and collaborative decisions can be taken faster to efficiently eliminate the threat.

Rinicom’s SkyPatriot EO sensors will be deployed alongside Sparrow and ELVIRA to widen the scope of detection visually and help reduce false positive by separating detections of birds and drones picked up by the radar. Furthermore, SkyPatriot will add autonomy to the overall solution to reduce the requirement of specialist operators.

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