“Moscow/Sheremetyevo Airport installs Kaspersky AI-enabled counter drone system”

Moscow/Sheremetyevo Airport has installed a radar-optical counter-UAS system called ENOT-SD according to Russian news agency TASS.

“The hardware and software complex is designed for automatic detection of low-flying targets (including small-class unmanned vessels), their verification using video images and subsequent counteraction by creating interference,” according to the agency.

“ENOT-SD” will be used using Kaspersky Lab software with artificial intelligence. Thanks to this, the system can distinguish and classify objects by type: bird, UAV, aircraft, person or machine. The characteristic allows the use of suppression means only on UAVs, excluding the impact on aircraft, Sheremetyevo noted. The radar will also be able to “identify, among other things, UAVs flying in radio silence mode, which makes it possible to cover the entire spectrum of the threat model.”

“The radiation from the radar station for detecting and determining the coordinates of moving targets will not have an undesirable interference effect on the functioning of ground-based radio technical support for flights and aviation telecommunications located in the area of ​​the Sheremetyevo airfield,” the materials note.

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