Indiana prison service selects AeroDefense C-UAS to prevent drone-borne contraband deliveries

Indiana Department of Correction (IDOC) is to deploy AeroDefense’s AirWarden drone and pilot detect, locate and track system at two sites and four facilities to decrease and prevent drug, cell phone and other drone-borne contraband delivery attempts.

According to an AeroDefese press release IDOC has seen an increase in drone sightings and in response asked AeroDefense to demonstrate AirWarden’s effectiveness at one of their facilities. Contraband delivery by drone is a problem most correctional facilities face with varying degrees of frequency, and these operations are often highly coordinated with multiple pilots and drones.

AirWarden is designed to detect and locate the drone and pilot (controller) simultaneously. This can often be accomplished as soon as the devices establish a connection says AeroDefense. The company also conducts testing and calibration processes with its customers to reduce false alarms that can lead to response team desensitisation.

“We found that the AirWarden system is very consistent and accurate in detecting and locating drones and their controllers. Its ability to identify both commercially available and home-made drones made it a clear choice for us,” said Cory Winters, Director of Facility Technology for IDOC. He continued, “Through our collaboration with AeroDefense, we have seen their commitment to excellence in customer service and meeting the specific needs of the correctional environment. They provided us with a system that meets our need for both rapid and accurate detection, as well as accurate and effective reporting.”

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