Germany “shelves plans for next-gen air defence system in favour of C-UAS/Patriot upgrades”

Defence News has reported that German Defence Ministry has shelved plans for a next-generation air defence system, instead investing in counter-drone technology and upgrades to the country’s aging Patriot fleet.

“The announcement on Tuesday comes after months of studying options between the costly Taktisches Luftverteidigungssystem, or TLVS, aimed at destroying sophisticated missiles and aircraft, and cheaper weapons for intercepting enemy drones,” says the news service. “Berlin want(s) to field a new defensive system against short-range threats, eventually replacing the ‘old and qualitatively and quantitatively insufficient’ Ozelot fleet, according to a ministry statement. That project has the potential to spark Europe-wide cooperation, officials said, pointing to the Dutch-German Apollo program, under which both nations have integrated a portion of their air-defence formations.”

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