Flir adds AI to thermal surveillance to speed up small target detection

Flir Systems has launched a new high-definition mid-range surveillance system designed to detect illegal activities, for example by drones, even in degraded weather conditions. The Ranger HDC MR uses embedded analytics and image processing to reduce the cognitive workload, enabling operators to distinguish quickly between true threats and false alarms. The system is equipped with a high-definition thermal imager with a 1280 x 720 detector and a 1920 x 1080 HD color TV camera,

Flir says the HD thermal imaging system is about the same price as standard resolution systems, however captures a wider array of views with the same target resolution thanks to its HD imagery. Other features include a built-in fog filter to see through fog and haze, as well as an optional Merlin ASX turbulence filter to see through heat/air turbulence for more accurate target classification and capability to host on-board AI image processing for faster decision-making. It also includes a cybersecurity tool that lowers risk by scanning each software release to help ensure the system is protected from cyber-attacks.

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