Epirus delivers IFPC-HPM system, bringing high-power microwave counter-swarm capability to US Army

Epirus has delivered its first Indirect Fire Protection Capability-High-Power Microwave (IFPC-HPM) system to the US Army, the company announced on 1 November.

IFPC-HPM is a Leonidas-derived C-UAS swarm capability. This delivery covers the first of four such systems to be delivered to the service under a 2022 contract. The company successfully completed a recent US Army-sponsored acceptance test, which further validated the system’s safety for personnel and marked its continued progress from prototype status to operational capability.

The Army will now continue to evaluate and test IFPC-HPM to develop tactics, techniques, and procedures for future use. Epirus will continue to collaborate with the service to deliver an additional three prototypes and will, undertake additional developmental testing to achieve technology maturation and enhance the prototypes to protect against a spectrum of UAS threats.

For more information: www.epirusinc.com

(Image: The Leonidas counter-electronics HPM system lies at the heart of the new capaibility delivered to the US Army. Credit: Epirus, Inc.)

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