Echodyne announces new longer-range 4D radar, EchoShield, prioritising counter UAS

Radar company Echodyne has released a new addition to its portfolio – Echoshield.  EchoShield is an advanced software-defined multi-mission radar for a wide variety of commercial, defense, and government use cases, says a company press release.

The radar’s architecture builds on Echodyne’s proprietary metamaterials electronically scanned array (MESA) radars that are in use across a wide range of applications, such as counter-UAS, border and base security, force protection, critical infrastructure security, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance, UAV detect and avoid, and autonomous ground vehicles.

A pulse-Doppler cognitive 4D radar, EchoShield combines electronically scanned array (ESA) beamforming and real-time dynamic waveform synthesis to deliver sub-degree tracking accuracy on hundreds of objects across a broad 3D field of view. EchoShield’s cognitive search capabilities integrate onboard or offboard data stores to adapt and direct radar resources when and where required, while EchoShield’s SDK is designed to enable deep integration and multi-sensor fusion.

Based on market demand, the initial software release prioritizes a counter-UAS mission and detection, tracking, and classification of any uncrewed aircraft, including low slow and small drones even in dense urban environments. Further releases will match radar resources with customer demand in dozens of applications and markets.

EchoShield is designed to operate in the Ku band, with radiolocation service at 15.7-16.6 GHz and radionavigation at 15.4-15.7 GHz, and is commercially exportable. Its features include:

  • 130° azimuth x 90° elevation field of regard (fully customizable)
  • 0.5° tracking accuracy in azimuth and elevation, with very low track splitting/dropping
  • Powerful UAV classification with low false-alarms and near-zero false-negatives
  • Cognitive search capabilities integrate onboard or offboard data
  • Average tracking ranges for counter-UAS mission:
    • Group 1 (-20 to -10 dBsm): 2.7 to 4.8 km
    • Group 2 (-10 to -5 dBsm): 4.8 to 6.4 km
    • Group 3 (-5 to 5 dBsm): 6.4 to 11.4 km

(image: Echodyne EchoGuard radar)

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