DroneShield launches DroneSentry-C2 security dashboard to manage counter UAS activity

DroneShield has introduced a security dashboard, called DroneSentry-C2, for counter unmanned aircraft systems (C-UAS) missions. According to a video summary released by the company, the software features a browser-based login to support a range of devices. It includes a range of sensor options including:

RfOne direction finders offering 8km range

Third party surveillance radars at a range of budgets

DroneCannon automatic or manual defeat with dome protection against a range of drone frequencies

Plus-and-play RfZero drone detectors

Optics/thermal camera options with DroneOptID drone and payload ID and tracking engine

Real-time alerts and tracking notifications delivered via email, SMS, and websockets API

Multiple installation nodes operating together

Hosted on a server or a secure cloud

Designed to integrate with third party broader surveillance systems via common APIs

Intuitive analytics with data exporting functionality

Picture of drone situational awareness.

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