Dedrone demonstrates integration of counter drone technology with US Army command and control systems

Dedrone participated as a member of US Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (CCDC) C5ISR Unique Mission Cell (UMC) Defense In-Depth Experiment (DiDEX), and reports successful demonstration of Dedrone technology initial integration into the US Army’s Forward Area Air Defense Command and Control (FAAD C2) software. The Joint Counter-Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Office (JCO) identified FAAD C2 as the Command & Control architecture for counter-small unmanned aerial systems (C-sUAS) within the Department of Defense (DoD). Dedrone successfully validated its ability to begin to fulfil this JCO requirement for interoperability with FAAD C2 at DiDEX by passing air track data to FAAD C2, enhancing the DoD’s capabilities with a proven integration of Dedrone’s complete small unmanned aerial system (sUAS) detection platform, says Dedrone press release.

The CCDC C5ISR centre and UMC facilitates the integration of command, control, and communication systems for the US Army, including C-sUAS solutions. At an invitation-only DiDEX testing event in November 2020, Dedrone participated at a field experiment and a member of the C-sUAS community of practice to develop innovative airspace security solutions, test the integration of Dedrone technology into existing and emerging command and control systems, and advise on counter-drone response strategy to protect soldiers, civilians and critical infrastructure.

At the UMC event, Dedrone’s complete airspace security platform successfully completed initial steps to integrate into the US Army’s FAAD C2, providing a complete view of force operation airspace sUAS activity, including early detection and warning of approaching sUAS. Dedrone airspace security technology accelerates and closes the counter-drone kill chain by fusing drone detection sensor data in an AI-based software. Dedrone’s open systems architecture integrates best of class radio frequency, radar, acoustic and optical sensors for complete airspace situational awareness, providing flexible, scalable options for US Army users in all environments and all missions.

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