Amsterdam Drone Week: NLR develops platform to assess counter-UAS solutions

The Netherlands research agency NLR presented a new visualisation platform to support the development of counter drone measures at Amsterdam Drone Week. Christian Muller said the platform can be used to provide a rapid situation overview, select specific systems, load track data or carry out flight path analysis. It also provides replay capability for training purposes.

The development is part of the Dutch counter drone protection programme, a collaborative research effort by NLR involving government and military agencies. “Counter drone technology is still very immature and expensive,” said Christian Muller. “We focus on layered capabilities to provide detection, training, identification, notification and mitigation without causing collateral damage.”

The programme aims to expand understanding of different drone and counter drone technologies and apply this knowledge to help decision-making. Adding intelligent sensors will also contribute to faster response times between detection and response. Among detection capabilities under review, NLR is reviewing jamming technology, spoofing, kinetic projectiles, nets, and high energy laser systems (recently tested at the Dutch research centre).

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