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DroneFox Tactical, DroneFox Fortify, STRATUS
Type of C-UAS
Integrated systems


WhiteFox Defense Technologies (WhiteFox) has developed a comprehensive, intuitive, man-portable, readily integrated, high-performance, low-impact, small footprint, personnel efficient, and cost-effective drone threat detection, identification, and mitigation device called the DroneFox. As a single integrated system, the DroneFox detects, tracks, identifies and defeats (DTID) sUAS. The DroneFox detects drones in an airspace, with a range extending even kilometers beyond visual line of sight. A forensic threat analysis is executed on target drones based on variables including its payload capacity, model, location, pilot’s location, and live video feed, thereby extending operator’s ability to protect others from the ground into the airspace above. DroneFox operators are able to safely mitigate the threat by taking complete control of the drone and rerouting to any desired location. According to the company: ”The DroneFox, as a defensive counter-sUAS solution, is produced in a form factor that is man-portable and easily fixed to a secure location. The WhiteFox team has developed a C-sUAS protocol library that encompasses virtually 100% of the currently identified critical threat drones, and ~90% of the worldwide commercial drone market. This library includes the encrypted Lightbridge 2: the most popular drone communication protocol in the world, by both consumers and terrorists. WhiteFox has been confirmed by top government officials within the U.S. Department of Defense and intelligence community to be the only entity who can accurately claim and defend the ability to safely mitigate Lightbridge 2 drones.”

In May 2021 WhiteFox launched a cloud-based system to detect and track drones called STRATUS. WhiteFox has adapted its core technology that stops drones from operating unsafely or illegally, such as smuggling drugs into prisons and surveilling nuclear power plants, says a company press release.

STRATUS is designed to create a virtual bubble of protection to track drones and perform risk assessment in real-time. The system enables users to define geofences and notification criteria. Users can track, report, and log drone activity as it occurs with instant text or email notification. Users can also access historical drone traffic over their facilities and produce reports showing exactly what has happened.

WhiteFox sensors provide coverage in major metropolitan cities across North America. Customers need a computer or phone connected to the Internet to use STRATUS and instantly track drones intruding in their airspace.


In February 2018 Gryphon Sensors agreed a partnership with WhiteFox Defense Technologies, so WhiteFox’s non-jamming, non-kinetic mitigation and analysis capabilities is now integrated within Gryphon’s Skylight system. The resulting RF-based sensor-driven system provides an unclassified and exportable counter-UAS system.

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