Vector Solutions

Type of C-UAS
Integrated systems

Detector, ECM.

The ARTEMIS Drone Defense Solution is a fully autonomous, portable device designed to detect and defeat the majority of commonly proliferated group 1 and 2 commercial drone systems. Through passive interrogation of known drone control frequencies utilizing an automated spectrum analyzer and proprietary HUNTER algorithm, the ARTEMIS identifies potential targets; implements control measures and forces the drone into its pre-programmed loss-of-link profile. The ARTEMIS targets only the drone control frequency and does not interfere with any other frequency in the spectrum. By precisely isolating the drone controller and cross-referencing a known control database, the system yields maximum effectiveness with no false positives. While the majority of current drone systems operate via remote control and generally in the same spectrum, next generation threats become much more robust. In order to combat autonomous drones operating solely on GPS signals or outside of the normal operating spectrum, the company relies on a portable threat defence tool capable of defeating autonomous drones.

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