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Orion-7 MP Drone Slayer/ Orion D/ Orion H Drone Slayer
Type of C-UAS

Orion produces the Orion -D Manpack portable drone detection system which can detect and identify single or multiple drones at ranges of between 200 to 500m. The drones can then either be sent away or jammed and brought down using the Orion H handheld anti-drone system or the Orion-7 MP ‘Drone Slayer’ with a range of up to 1,500m. The system is capable of jamming a swarm of drones. Orion units provides anti-drone solutions to governments, security firms and private companies.

TRD Singapore exhibited the latest addition to its ORION family of anti-drone systems at the Singapore Air Show in early 2020. The ORION-H+ is a light-weight handheld jammer that operates in six frequency bands, three more than the Super Light Weight ORION-H. The Orion-H+ covers the 433MHz, 915MHz, 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz RF bands as well as GNSS frequencies L1 and L2. The bands can be used at the same time or on an individual basis and result in a drone landing automatically or returning to base. TRD says the jammer is designed to operate up to 1 km on a range of drone types and has a battery life of one hour.

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