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Type of C-UAS
Integrated systems

Intercept drone, capture.

Theiss UAV Solutions, LLC has released the EXCIPIO, a patent pending non-electronic, non-destructive Anti-Drone system. The EXCIPIO (Latin for “I Capture”) is an interception and neutralizing system that allows for surgical removal of a potential threat. Though the initial system concept was focused on intercepting and neutralizing an airborne UAS (or “Drone”), the conceptual applications have expanded to include manned aircraft, ground vehicles, people, and animals (whether airborne or on the ground).The EXCIPIO Aerial Netting System can be mounted to a variety of fixed wing or rotorcraft platforms for use. The EXCIPIO is launched when a threat target has been identified and then flies to intercept the target. When the EXCIPIO has reached the threat target, it fires a net upon the target when commanded by the EXCIPIO System operator. Once the target has been “netted,” the EXCIPIO can either release the net with the neutralized target ensnared (utilizing a small drag chute to slow the fall of the neutralized target) or keep the net tethered to the System for the purpose of relocating the net and neutralized target to a desired location before releasing them to the ground.

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