Anti-Drone system
Type of C-UAS
Integrated systems

Detector, ECM.

Skycope technology can safely and effectively detect, identify, locate and neutralize rogue drones to prevent them from posing security threats in unauthorized areas. Applying the state-of-the-art artificial-intelligence (AI), RF spectrum sensing and signal processing technologies, Skycope provides an advanced anti-drone solution to protect people and property against threats posed by drones or UAVs.

Based on high performance omni-directional/directional antennas and high efficiency RF chain, this module performs wide-band RF spectrum sensing and processing. Using cutting-edge signal processing techniques, the library module efficiently extracts the useful information from the wide-band signals received by the RF module. It applies multi-level signal processing and filtration to detect any narrow band, point-to-point communication and frequency hopping drones and decodes their underlying protocols comprehensively. Based on embedded deep learning algorithms, the RF AI module is capable of self-learning and identifying private UAV communication protocols. By careful analysis, advanced level processing and transformation of the received information, the AI module assists in detecting any drone not covered by the library module. This post-processing module makes smart decisions that allows full automation and unattended operation, zero false alarms and zero interference, etc and can differentiate between known-authorized and unauthorized drones, and force the unauthorized drones to hover outside the service area or just return to the owner safely - by cutting off the signal chains and triggering a fail-safe mechanism. Integrates detection, identification, direction finding and defense into one unit, Skycope C-UAV system operators can perform selective drone jamming or initiate wide spectrum jamming.

The Anti-Drone system solution to is offered in a Stationary, Vehicle Mounter or Portable System to protect people and property.

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