Robin Radar Systems

Type of C-UAS

Elvira offers 360-degree coverage which combines “smart software with affordable radar” for fast tracking and detection. The system works in low visibility conditions, and in urban environments full of obstacles, moving objects, and wireless radio devices. It can detect swarms of drones. Elvira’s map-based interface is comprised of colour coded tracks which can be toggled on and off, and the track visualisations and colours are all user configurable. Elvira’s tracks and alarms can be integrated as a layer in existing security systems and Command and Control (C2) systems. A simple XML broadcast-based interface is included as standard. Other protocols, e.g. ASTERIX, are available on request. The system is camera ready. It can be equipped with a high-resolution pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera for visual confirmation of the target. Elvira is designed to be ready for integration with other detection systems, existing command centres and new forms of intervention.


In June 2022 Saab AB and Robin Radar Systems signed an agreement to collaborate on global business opportunities. The purchase agreement provides Saab access to Robin Radar’s complete portfolio of drone and bird detection radar systems for a range of international clients within the aviation and security sectors.

The Netherlands
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