Repulse 24/ Repulse 2458E/ Repulse 2458H Handheld/ Repulse360
Type of C-UAS
Electronic Counter Measures (ECM)

Repulse drone protection systems do not rely on detection, as they are light weight standalone units that can be left switched on 24 hours a day. The systems produce an electronic shield/no fly zone above 1km vertically and horizontally impenetrable by any commercially available drone using 2.4GHz or 5.8GHz for control. Units available are:

Repulse 24: Can be installed internally to an aircraft to provide protection by beaming in front of the aircraft for 1km. It can also be used as a mobile unit fitted in a security vest as it is very lightweight. The unit only utilises the 2.4GHz frequency as that will give users the greater distance for drone flight which is where the problem seems to be around aircraft and airports or other applications.

2458E which is ruggedised or enclosed to keep it weatherproof, portable and can be used as permanent mounting; can be supplied with tripod mount and can run off 12v 6800ah battery enclosed in the unit or be plugged into 12v DC mains supply. Weighs 2.5kg including battery.

2458H Handheld – a handheld unit, weighing just 1.5kg, with a tripod mount in the handle. Normally runs off 12v 6800ah battery but can be plugged into 12v DC mains supply;

Repulse 360/20 - ruggedised/enclosed unit which provides a more permanent/weatherproof solution but can at the same time be used as a quick mobile deployment system. Units can protect an area with at least a 2km diameter for a full 360° which is useful for buildings and large areas. The domes have been specifically designed to combat the harsh environmental conditions such as found in the Middle East.

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