Radio Hill Technologies

Type of C-UAS
Electronic Counter Measures (ECM)

The Dronebuster is an RF jamming device. This means the device is designed to interrupt the control of the drone by overwhelming the control frequency. This causes the drone to stop and hover, or return to the operator, depending upon the model of the drone. The drone operator has no control while the frequency is being overwhelmed with RF energy. The Dronebuster can take this one step further and also overwhelm the GPS signal, which will cause the drone to land or fall out of the sky. The Dronebuster™ is a cost effective tool for security teams and first responders to use during fluid, ambiguous, fast-paced encounters. The system allows security teams and law enforcement to efficiently deal with a drone approaching a Forward Operating Base, hovering over a large crowd, snooping into secure/private areas, or flying in restricted airspace. With the Dronebuster™, the operator has the tools to intercept the drone command link and command the drone to descend or go home. All the operator must do is aim the Dronebuster™ at the drone and toggle the switch. The LE, or law enforcement model of the Dronebuster allows State and local law enforcement and first responders to clear nuisance drones without forcing them to land. This model will interfere with both communications and video downlinking protocols. It will not however, interfere with GPS navigation signals. In many cases, the drone will simply ‘go home.’ For all non US Government entities: This device has not been authorized as required by the rules of the Federal Communications Commission. This device is not, and may not be, offered for sale or lease, or sold or leased, until authorization is obtained. The sale of the Dronebuster LE model is awaiting rules changes at the FCC that will allow for its use by State and local law enforcement.

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