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GROK Jammer/ GROK Mobile Gun/ Mini-range Counter UAV System/ Small-range Counter-UAV System
Type of C-UAS
Integrated systems

ECM, gun, detector.

Prime Technologies’ counter-UAV products can be used separately or as part of complex integrated anti-UAV defence systems. The Grok Mobile Gun is an easily transportable anti-drone rifle that is easy to set up and it helps to neutralise threats within seconds. Drones can be tracked at up to several kilometres’ distances. When the UAV is located, the rifle and its mounted directional antennas with horizontal and vertical polarisation are pointed towards the approaching drone and immediately block it. The gun provides autonomous operation for up to 1 hour of continuous jamming. It jams all standard drone remote control frequencies and GSNS signals applied by UAVs. Applications include infrastructure security as well as military security and homeland protection.

For continuous jamming at long distances, the company offers the GROK Drone Jammer (GROK J). UAVs including micro-drones can be detected and defeated at distances from 100m to several kilometres. The system blocks remote control radio frequencies and frequency bands of GSNS. Radio frequency jamming can be activated automatically upon UAV detection or manually. Frequency band coverage and output power can be adapted on customer request. Additional Pan-Tilt platform with antennas (interfaced with the camera or radar) available. Applications include government installations, industrial plants, airports, military bases, prisons, and protection against espionage attack.

The company also offers mini- and small-range counter UAV solutions. Mini-range systems provide drone detection at distances of up to 200 m and are used for security of small installations or when drones have to be detected at relatively short distances. System components: Infrared and Video Surveillance Systems, Grok Visual Command Center.

Small-range systems give protection from 200 m to 1 kilometre and are used for protection of private and business facilities. Small-range components: Perimeter Surveillance Radars, Infrared and Video Surveillance Systems, Acoustic Sensors, Grok Mobile Gun. Optional: GROK Drone Detection Radar, RF Detectors, Video Acquisition and Distribution.

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